Let me die at your feet

a poem by Khamar Firdawsee

I burnt my heart
all through night
to light my languid gloom;

And I lay swimming
in my tears
for your lips; before my doom.

The stars, the moon
and all those who
waited on my night;

Have all snuggled
down to their lounges,
but you’re not in my sight.

Weeping and waiting
and wailing aloud
my soul did fall asleep.

The little hope
left of seeing you
did fly away from its deep.

But patience sang
to my seething soul
that song of solitude;

You sing often
when your sorrow
climbs its altitude.

The morning got up
from its rosy throne.

Lonely morning
once again
saw me again alone.

Oh! you my love
who haunts my sleep
and you who keeps my beats.

Come and lie
in my arms
or let me die at your feet.