Left Alone

a poem by Nithya B

What happens?

When everything goes wrong,
and your horrible life is very long.

When everyone turns their back,
and your future becomes dark and black.

When everyone neglects you,
and your mystery life has no clue.

When no one comes to your defense,
and you seem to loose all your sense.

When everyone acts like a selfish brat,
and no one even gives a shoulder pat.

When you feel utterly miserable,
due to the world that turns un-manageable.

When your well wishers are no more nice,
and when the sweet ones turn unwise.

When people with sweet words,
act like sheer nasty nerds.

When no one cares for your feelings,
and you feel like hanging from the ceilings.

When you desperately want to tell some one,
but alas, there is no one.

When your hopes are just dreams,
and you feel like sinking…

Don’t you feel that you have been
“left alone”!!!