I realized…

a poem by Sayan Chaudhuri

The gentle breeze ruffled my hair
With amazing modesty, sensuous grace
The soft raindrop trickled down my face
A serpent on its trail
The majestic clouds rumbled with joy
Moving with perfect poise
The burly trees shook with pleasure
The nimble grass swayed with pride
It was then I realized
My inner burden was weakening
Tears vanishing, laughter reverberating
Lighter than the wind I felt
My anguish seemed to melt
Overpowered, overcome I was
By the elements of ecstacy
A moment passed, now I heard
Divine music of the world
The stars tinkling, leaves rustling
The charming stream gurgling
It was more magical than the wizard’s wand
I felt so pure,so royal, so grand
Amidst such truth, amidst such trust
How could I have felt betrayed?
I now have dreams,I now feel loved
I have finally found friends