I go on

a poem by Reetu Srivastava

I go on,
Like the wind, the water,
The furious bird in the open sky
You deny me,
Cut me into pieces
Before I take shape
Turn me into a tiny crepe

But I go on
Like the one putting on storm
You throw bars all around
Put the pressure
And are proud
But I go on
Like the liberty

You chain me, you pain me
You curse me you drain me
Of all those
But I go on
Like the pawed cat
Shrugging off
The weather outside

Inside, reaffirming the trust
Then you show your lust
Down me, attack me, crush me
Strip me of all what I have
For what a woman would rave

Still I go on
Like the trampled leaf
Swirling with the gust
Soaring high into the open blue
Because you are not
to make me untrue

I am the eternity
Not to die, not to fade away
Instead I grow stronger and stronger
As time passes on
Hence I go on, go on, go on.