I am a Fighter

a poem by Yerra Praneeth

I am a teacher, I am also a fighter
I am fighting for a living
Corona crisis took my job away, made me get half salary,
Still I haven’t stopped fighting
I’m fighting, working hard for surviving…
I am a teacher, I have no lands to sell, lead the life
I have taken no dowry to settle in my life

I’m a teacher of moral values which gave me no money
Still I fight to live, to make money legally
It’s tough
I’m tired
But never gave up

I’m fighting to make money
It’s hard for me though
I have to, I have no option
Teacher’s are paid very less
Targets are vigorous
Risk is real, management is cruel
But I never regret, I’m a fighter
Fighting for the well being, good living in the society
I am a fighter, I’m a teacher