Fears of Yester Years

a poem by Sundar

It’s long time since we met
but, even this loneliness I don’t fret.
‘cos, I’ve learnt to accept
should, I, lead my life, without regret.

People say ‘I’ve fallen in love’
when they see me in a glove
afraid of the eagles like a dove.
Failing to see what this life owe.

Sometimes, your name, I miss to intone
maybe, even feel I’ve turned into a stone.
I remain with your thoughts inscribed
unknowingly, ever, have I subscribed.

Whenever I am down
let your thoughts own
I feel I’d drown
at last, get reminded, you’re my crown.

With a road to travel
and no destination to be reached
I let my thoughts marvel
searching, had anyone already preached.

My glands refuse to secrete tears
my pains have become my dears
losing you were my fears
have now become, of, yester years.

All those summer nights
for your love, had those fights
without knowing of my rights
spend, I, now, my life under flights
in a lane without any lights.

Seasons have changed
our priorities have ranged
pains being arranged
seems we’re estranged.