a poem by Swati

As the final year in school draws to a close,
The air is full of new dreams and hopes.
Smiles all around, as we anticipate
The adventure and success the future holds.
But look again, and you will see
There are tears behind every smile.
Tears, and each stands for a memory.
Memories of pranks, memories of jokes,
Memories of all the good times shared.
Memories of games, memories of fights,
Memories of every moment spent together.
Victory and defeat, success and failure,
Praise and punishment, hope and despair,
We’ve gone through it all together.
Love and understanding have grown for years,
Why must I leave it all now?
But life goes on, and so must I.
As I bid goodbye to teachers and friends
There is the hope of meeting again
And unspoken, yet felt, is a promise
A promise to remember and love
Across the miles between us.