a poem by Aenugu Kishore Babu

You are dead!
Yes, you are really dead!

Like a rock – which had died
A thousand years ago
Like a river – which had dried
A hundred miles away!

The beauty lying in state
In the coffin of dry memories!
There is no meaning to state
In the dictionary of love stories!

All that remains is that sweet promise
‘will talk to you later’
All that now I do is to cry on it’s demise
As you walk to your altar!

The stars are twinkling for a clue
The Sky is as clear as blue
It is three days for the Jesus to come out
How many generations to get you right?

Oh Lord! Forgive me
You are ocean of compassion
Rock as heart, She
No where, near for comparison!

Laying beauty!
Dying story,

Let my tears roll on your rosy cheeks
which dragged me thousand miles
Let my tears jump on your ample bosom
which anchored my thousand dreams
Let my poems cry on your smiles
which poached my probing eyes
Let my words cry on your petal feet
Which kicked my life flat!

Let me drive this nail
In the coffin of memories
Let me sing at this funeral
The songs of one-way rhymes

With the sorrow
You never heard
With the love
you never spared
With the grief
you never briefed
With the peace
you never pleased

Triggering emotions a plenty
Still a still beauty!
Let me drive this last nail
Let it be unerased love Mail!