a poem by Vikash

The shadows embrace me
and deny you
the knowledge
of my presence.
Watching you…
I stand here,
fading between the past
and the present,
trying to hold on
to the moments
that float teasingly
beyond my reach.

Octaves and semitones
in harmonic fragmentation,
carpeting this place
with melody.
serenity stumbles
from the slow
unknowing glance
as you look towards me
and I feel like a glass
hit by a bullet.

The mercy of distraction
blinds your acknowledgment
of my presence.
Hope silently kisses
me good night
as the slow dance begins
and you float
across the room
with him.
You look so content,
the picture feels so wrong
and I drift away again.

Your soft, silky hair
flows across
my bare chest.
I feel it ravage my nerves
with brutal sensuality.
Melody intrudes
and I am thrown
back to the present,
watching you
a smile that rages
through me.

And now
as I long to kiss you,
hold you
shades of grey blanket my mind
you are there,
I am here
drenched in loneliness,
hurting to tell you
I have fallen.
in love with you