Emotions, Elemental

a poem by Kamar Sultana Sheik

I wish I could name
That rare feeling which lashed out at my soul…
When Roaring Thunder answered
Lightning’s Silent Call:
And Earth was drenched with Heaven’s Blessing…
And Wind was playing like a wilful child:
Clapping windows with wishful Frolic?

What was that fantastic feeling
That feathered across the Mind
When the soft evening Breeze
Of a Sunny Summer’s Day
Floated right across the trees
And showered yellow weed-flowers
All over my head?

Why did an odd sense of Ecstasy
Brim up when I saw
The Image of the Sun
In all its Glory
Reflected so well in a pool
Of Stagnant Rain water?

What was that Soaring sense of Delight
Which captured my rapture
Upon watching huge waves
Crash against Mighty Boulders
Matched so well in Uncompromising Strength!

What was that Balmy feeling
Which spread itself slowly
Like the cloud-blanket covering
A winter-sky just before it Rains:
When the scent of melting wax
Drifted from a dozen candles
Bringing warmth with dazzling Light
Across a cold, dark room with slate tiles?

What latent feelings they kindle
Such hidden Forces!!!
wonder if it isn’t that…
The Charm
Of all that which do not tame:
Eternal and Elemental.