a poem by Poornima Dhevi

You were the brother,
And I am the sister…
Whose lives were without bother,
As we spent it together.

Times were to me kind and nice…
Though it took me some time to realise;
That life is a game of dice,
When there’s a time to pay a price.

You showed me a love so lovely;
Should I call it fatherly or brotherly…
Or is it better to call it friendly?
I don’t know, yet you loved me dearly.

You were always helpful and true,
Your words made me feel fresh and new.
I know I can never find one like you,
For, Brothers like you are few.

The moments we together laughed,
The games we together played,
The movies we together watched…
These are better experienced than heard.

Unlike a dew drop on a grass’s blade,
Your memories never will fade…
Even though farewell you did bade,
Brother, for me you were made.