Blood on the key board

a poem by Ajith

Strange is this space
A new vision, a new hope
In a new horizon
A new world after all!

Estranged form bliss,
Let me confine,
In this intoxication,
Of these programmed feelings.

Fingers to press gently,
Shh! no noise please!
It will awake reality and,
Throw me to the deepest sea.

Let me play this game,
I know its pain, but,
When I touch these keys,
Am I goin’ insane?

Senses rule my beliefs,
I may not be right,
But where can I unmask,
My untold agonies.

Truth is so painful,
Let me undock it,
Leave it untouched,
For a new beginning.

Hey cyber genie,
Touch me now,
Feel me and trust me,
I am real in this virtuality.

I know you cannot,
You are a genie with magic,
But alas! You have a master,
You can send only an e-kiss.

Your e-hugs makes me weep,
Your e-kisses taste strawberry,
e-fingers caressing me,
‘Coz, I am your e-lover.

Look at me, here I’m,
Entrapped, helplessly,
Let me shriek,
l am in love with a genie!!

You will remain
Untouched, I know,
‘Coz its e-love,
You know that better.

I love this distance,
It makes me closer,
Though in virtual space,
But to you dear genie.

I may lose you someday,
I don’t know, but scared,
Let the e-virus relish,
My real blood on these keys…

The Count