Am I?

a poem by Sanika Mordekar

I like how words can mingle with each other.
Forming an emotion out of a sentence.
I wish I had the art of doing the same,
Oh well I am not a poetess.

You pick up a pencil when you are happy.
You do the same when you are sad.
Drink your emotions away, they say.
Oh! I wish I was a poetess.

Lurking around the poetry section in the library.
Envying all the alluring play of words.
How sloppy yet innovative they were.
Today I wrote a word on a paper.

When I see them performing on stage.
Hearing words that I never heard.
They call it slam poetry these days.

I went up the stage.
Anxiety kicked in and oh the adrenaline rush.
I faced my demons.
I spoke quite well today.
They know me now.
Well I am a poetess.