a poem by Rinu M Varghese

Happiness lines my heart
I sing of a bright tomorrow
For I know I have worked hard
And done right by life
High on glee I fly
Smiling at the image I see
Within my beautiful soul
Sighing contentedly I end each day
Bliss so extremely exquisite
Envelopes my being
But, buried deep within this delight
Exists dark fears of veiled tomorrow
But ahead into life I drill
But alas! Once again
It all went wrong
Everything shattered…

Pain seeps through my heart
As tears well up behind my eyes
Hurt prisons my heart
A sorrow in itself
Despair poisons my thoughts
As compassion perishes in my soul
Yet again life has whipped me
I stand defeated by my own fate
But I shall smile again
Even if only to be seared
Only to be robbed of hopes
Or dreams so colorful
I shall smile again to dare you
And you, will smile with me
As always, fickle world
I promise…