A hurt son’s prayer

a poem by Angadh Singh

I love you mama, the way you love me.
I love you dada, the way mama loves me.
Then won’t you please tell me,
what love is all about.
What bros and sisters are,
and what family is all about.
In times of distress,
when sad times are such,
to be among you all,
is a privilege I miss so much.

She’s ripped my heart out dada,
could you please mend it for me.
She’s made me weak mama,
won’t you please strengthen me.
You’ve given me all I have,
everything that I desired.
Now I’ve been shot by,
a bullet deliberately misfired.

I’m bleeding mama,
please come and sit beside me.
I really love you dada,
please won’t you hug me.
No god can ever be you,
you’re all that I need.
Craving for your love,
I lay down and bleed.