The victory of truth

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

I saw a dreadful dream having me and no others seen
my soul was freeing and was in glee
it wanted to untie itself from every string
but the awesome shadow of deceptive nature was unnerving me.
I found myself in miasma and nobody was escorting me
he was frightening me and his filthy arrows were darting me
my eyes jutted and voice chocked as he was killing me.
You know who I am and who is he,
I am the honesty and he is the crime.
He was prevailing on me and was going to defeat
suddenly the truth dawn on me
its me who can prevail and exist not he
my nerves get filled with zeal and my eyes were dazzling
the shadow of crime stunned and abruptly veiled behind
the dishonesty for salvage and cover.
I allocate the target and hit the dishonesty with all my strength.
I won the dishonesty along with crime both of lying at my feet.