The Co-Traveler

a poem by Christuraj Alex

It was one of the red-eye flights I got,
Everything went dark as we started to depart.
He seemed pleasant in his appearance,
I exhibited my great scholarly brilliance.
In matters of poetry, science, finance…
I found him maintaining innocent silence.
I switched on my subject to travel by flight,
Ticket prices, I said, are touching the height.

I swore at the system and the owners,
That often they behaved as though loaners.
The comforts they give is sheer meager,
And in mere business they are eager.
Take any owner, I said, for instance,
Rich, richer and richest is their existence…
The business they perform just one percent,
The profit they earn as though cent percent.
Well, the system has fully gone to dogs,
Will it be possible for dogs to become gods?

Thus I poured out my entire grievance,
As though with him I had great vengeance…
He seemed not to criticize my comment,
Nor did he ever my statements amend.
As the trip was almost coming to an end
And the crew started the announcement
I introduced myself very elaborately
And seemed response from him generously…

I saw him taking a card from his pocket
That resembled an artistic locket
I read the details and fell silent
As though all my vanities came to an end…
Alas! He’s the proprietor of many a such flight
Which I was criticizing with all my might…
I woke up ashamed, shocked from my deep sleep,
To find none nearby but the lights loudly beep…
My neighbor on the flight was my red-eye dream,
The Questioner and the question were me, the same.