Feathers in the sky

a poem by Raj Ganesh Manoharan

I dream about the dreams that never come true
Isolated thoughts queue up inside
The moment, I close my eyes
Dark it turns, like a light at the end of a tunnel
Opens the gate to enter my dreamland

I wander on the empty streets
I float along the clouds
I sleep on the moon
I walk through the woods

Nightmares and Fairytales
Where, I am the hero, Dreams are you
Dreams are what you want to be
Dreams are those little things you come across
Dreams are the things you leave un-accomplished
Dreams have meaning, Dreams are me

Questing on myself! The day I stop dreaming
My dreams will be fulfilled
I still dream about that day
The feathers on my arms, up above the clouds
Accomplishments of countless desires

This is what I am made of
This is for what I am born for
To live my Dreams!
To live my Dreams!