a poem by Christuraj Alex

My fickle-minded, dreamlike self so says,
This life, like dew-drops, here, is unreal;
Immaculate flowers my garden bears,
Few days, lo, they fade and face burial…

Lustrous desires seep in me like tea bags,
And stir surreal delights in my cup;
When inner integrity gets in snags,
Fancies occupy my mind and puff up…

Earthly life, trancelike, is gifted to me,
Like a gift I share it so blissfully;
Affections, shadowy pleasures hug me,
I get rid of them rather so sadly…

Imaginary past, present, future,
Years, eras, Times, and minutes are counted;
And the Earth, Fire, Water, Sky, Ether…
Seen and unseen truths and marvels measured…

Ethereal Divine interventions,
Graces and gifts poured on me heaven-like;
Life born hazy from Spirit’s loveliness,
Will reach Him, most soundly and angel-like.

“Then the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a vision of the night.” (Daniel 2:19)