Dream on

a poem by Vipina Unni

You are my favourite
As just like me you are a dreamer too
There is no comparison but we dare
So Dream on
As dreams come with no expiry date

In all the confusion… disillusion.
Amidst the chaos
There is peace as the dream never ends
So Dream on
As dreaming is believing

It’s true
The world is here for the ones
Who dare to dream
Don’t stop… as there is no destination
It’s the journey that makes us
So Dream on
As dreaming is an ongoing engagement

Your strength is your vision and passion
In no time you have had so many join hands
Take all that you have become
As the positivity, they bring to your world
The ambition and aspirations they sprinkle around

Stay grounded… stay pure as you are

Your dream is the only truth
The rest just fades away
So dream on