Birth of a Dream

a poem by Anwesha Banerjee

Don’t dream of that which cannot be,
Don’t follow a rainbow, or else you’ll see,
just the blue remains, the rest of it fades,
and you wonder where go the myriad shades.

Don’t dream of love when you’re alone,
thinking of the past don’t grudge, don’t moan.
Don’t cry at the thought “How blue was my sky!”
just turn your head around and you’ll be able to reply…

That the sky is still blue,
and rainbows still do appear,
that an undreamt dream has come true,
one that grows brighter with every passing year…

For out in the world we often see,
dreams happen rather unexpectedly.
You’ve nothing to lose when all hope seems gone.
Hold on and soon a new dream will be born.