Diamonds…The Gems of Wisdom

a poem by Bindia Rajpal

When an individual his individuality loses,
Just because of the ornamentation he chooses,
What worth is that jewellery pray,
If goodness around it’s edges begins to fray.

Diamonds those dazzling gems!
Stones from which greed and power stems.
I would rather stark plainness in my face did stare,
Than be covered in their blinding glare.

For when diamonds become worthier than man,
It’s time to announce a lifetime ban.

If only we did take another view,
Diamonds can form a philosophy new…

Buried for long under the hard ground,
Nature makes sure its benefits abound,
Trees that were long dead and gone,
Are with riches newly born.

After decades of activities unseen,
As if under someone’s supervision keen,
Treasures are stored in the earth’s core.
That man with enterprise may bring to fore.

Empowering our factories and our homes,
Nature gifts us with many stones,
Man ferrets out pebbles so dull hued
With labour great making them fit to be viewed.

Let then the matter rest at that,
Mined from the deep, stones that in darkness sat,
Teach us only to remember one priceless thing…
A night of toil will a glittering new morning bring.