a poem by Satirtha Nandy

What a lovely gift God chose-
Such a glittering figure to pose,
As the third heart which beat together,
When the other two unite under same feather.

You are eye-dazzling when you are nude,
Seeing you a man turns such rude.
Others in front of you look so meek,
When a sunbath is what you seek.

When you are in my hand,
My images queue up in a band.
Pure than the purest soul-
Seek you answering the last roll.

Let me call you belle-laide,
But for this I am not paid,
Shaped and distinct with edged features,
You rouse animal emotions in bi-legged creatures.

Eavesdrop, your habit under stress,
When Miss is being engaged to b’com Mrs.
But strongest heart is what you bear,
And being envied upon is what you fear.

Yeps for Dr. White, he won thee in a bargain,
Ooh B-girl, that was a real gain…
Look at that stupid aged urchin,
Mother Nature you have to keep her a virgin.

Palaces are places from where you receive calls…
Nay! now let me tell it to my pals,
Yes, you are not a mere blonde…
sshh… you are a diamond.

May it be a sign on a betting card,
Or be it a baseball ground full of mud,
But for it Miss Right bumbles aufwidershein…
Coz’ Mister Laffs offered her heera sada ke liye.