But for the Diamond in my Ring

a poem by PCVC

D ear dreamie, on a lonely night
I nvited a gratifying dawn
A dorned with the sparkles of dew
M orning, so rousing, down the hill
O n the shore of river, Silver
N ecklace, of green, corn and cane
D ancing trees, welcome the day
S inging, hearts, hymn the Mighty

A ll the way, came the plovers
R oving swans, and snoring dogs
E xquisite pieces of nature’s opus

F able, begins as I walked across,
O rchards and the Tulip gardens
R apture and buoyant, before!

E choed an angel, seen thro’ a sapphire
V eil, ‘Oh! Dear, What on earth,
E arnestly, can you spare for me?’
R aptly, I said, ‘Everything mine!’