A Diamond

a poem by Nandita Pai

The people of the world,
Say ‘A Diamond is Forever’.
And even a tiny speck of Diamond,
Will lose it’s value never.
It can be studded in a ring,
To give an extra ordinary brilliance.
Or can be embedded in a necklace,
To give a classic appearance.
A pretty Diamond chain,
Neatly packed up in lace.
Will bring a genuinely happy smile,
To a woman’s face.
A perfect gift it would make,
To any person you dearly love.
It would sparkle in the dark,
Like the stars above.
Termed as the ‘Hardest Substance’ ever,
A Diamond is very strong.
It would remain a precious possession,
All your life long.
To summarise it all,
A Diamond has great value.
It is the perfect way to win hearts,
Oh! That let me tell you.