A Diamond – A Symbol

a poem by Nikhil Chandhok

In the chilly gelid winters of Antarctica;
A mother hands over,
A diamond to her infant.
It symbolises hope and warmth.
“Son, a Sun,
Is also a big diamond”.

Nothing else in this whole world;
But a diamond,
Possesses such grace.
Which brings a charming smile;
On a drooping face.
Beauty is truly defined;
By its awesome glint.
Remembrances have been refined;
Dating back to a flint.

Relationships faithful and strong,
Develop on this shiny stone.
Status then comes along;
Anything more precious can you then own?

A diamond is forever;
Life is a creeper,
The glitterer is the bine.
With so much glisten,
Nothing can ever shine.
Dear diamond, when would you be mine?