Futile Fire

a poem by Kabita Rahaman

Fire can not fire me,
I do not burn.
Spark can not sparkle me,
I do not turn.
Turn, that can often turns,
Red into green or green into some others,
I do not move far,
So I do not harm.
Harm that harms me are not my fiend,
Yet those that can ache me,
Are the closest friends.

I do not fear,
But frighten fear more than it fears.
Fetching pain is friendship,
To suffer is the ease.
Easeful is not so easy to me,
Rather being bold.
Bold with an emptiness,
Proud without fame,
Boasting with nothingness,
Thrilling leaving joy.

Fire can not fire you,
O insane soul.
Life can not live you,
You are such a goal.
You can make it vain and
Bring the sparkled rain.
You are such a gall that,
Fails the fire bell.