Water and Whale

a poem by Abhinav Srivastav

I’m floating on a dead calm water
When I close my eyes,
All I can sense is,
Water flowing beneath me
And the wind moving above me.

I’m stuck between two worlds
I tried making an effort to get out
But not now,
I have accepted it.

I have stopped moving,
This water takes me as the flow of it-
Sometimes it shows me valleys and mountains,
Sometimes all I see are grey clouds.

As time is passing
It’s engulfing me
I’m being submerged more and more in this water,
To a point where I cannot see the sunlight

I see fishes moving around me
Looking me in hunger
But none can eat me
I don’t know why I’m not dead

Is there still hope in me to live?
To get out of this water
And breathe the air
Losing my consciousness

I saw a whale and closed my eyes,
Thinking of my memories
My last words to the world,
And I saw the sunlight.