Unfulfilled Death

a poem by Teesha Guliana

So much is left unspoken,
Yet no one dares.
The land of octaves,
Stares undoing mares.
Those soft, melodious tunes,
In harmony,
Bring the dead to their feet,
In mercy.

I once travelled upon,
Touched the land,
Forgotten along.

Since millennia,
Hadn’t taught me now,
I went to bargain with it,
Knowing how.

Since so long,
Everything has seen its way.
Since no longer,
You and I shall stay.

But somewhere,
Someone waits for thee,
When you and I,
Shall set it free.

Set it free,
Knowing it won’t walk.
Set it free,
Knowing it will choke the clock.

Blinded by freedom,
Thee will fly.
Chained by time,
Thee will cry.

It will cry tears of blood,
Of mercy and mud.

But will smile with glee,
And die once again,
With notes of harmony.