The Lone Flower

a poem by Ajith

I met a flower,
Alone she was,
From the crowd,
At a cemetery.

I asked her
Scared are you not?
Then gushed a breeze
Its petals stooped.

Wondered what
Was she sobbing
Or was it divine
Or just a heightened feeling?

She then looked at me
It bloomed at me
Invited her friend passing by
A beautiful butterfly!

Together they sang,
A song of joy,
I wondered why
At a scary cemetery!

With a petal
She patted a bud
Dripped nectar for its pal
And then she asked me

Scared are you
’cause you are alive
Worried are you ,cause
You know not when you die

I took pale
Strange! I thought
True but scary
The cemetery

Alive am I ,but
When I die
Its going to be scary
To be in this cemetery

Courage I gained
Asked her a wit
Will you grow on me
When I say goodbye

The flower then cried
Drooped its petals
Withered herself
And fell dead.