One So Big

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

One so small comes and one so big goes imagine that.
Huh!!! You ask yourself how can that be
But let him make it simple through me
He came to your life with the roar of a lion
The intelligence of the farthest star in the universe
He was only here to study this life through you

He was never really a part of it
You just thought so mnnnn.
You see he is already up there preparing
A place for you all, he is already telling of his
Adventures on a place called earth

Just like you he finally grows tired and weary
He crawls up in his mothers’ bed that has been turned down
And he waits for his father; he takes his hand and asks
Him to explain again why he could no longer be on this place called earth

His father says because we had to give your parents another life
He shakes his little head and he says, but look at the pain I’ve cause by going away
Before it is necessary for his father to comment he watches his mothers’ heart turn over
Then his fathers’ heart turns over.
As he silently reaches down, and wipes away the tears that fall.

He wants to say don’t cry for me
But realizes it doesn’t really matter
He will walk them through this too.

The father takes his little hand
And washes all memory from him
Because he must be cleansed of earth
He accepts his passes to periodically justify
Future visits to earth as an angel
Not really knowing the importance of why but
Feeling and emptiness, that tells him he left something behind
Him so big waits for those so little to understand,
That when he got here he was already the man
It is just that his father in heaven had another plan

In loving memory of Mr. Lashawn Lightfoot Jr.
With all the respect and heartfelt sorrow for you both
To Mr and Mrs. Lashawn Lightfoot
To friends from a friend