Darkness to Light

a poem by Teesha Guliana

Screaming in agony, writhing in pain,
She stood still amidst the chaos,
The burning fire and raging rocks,
And the bickering thoughts.
She was baffled, as to why,
What are my faults?

Heard she a voice still,
clear among the crowd,
“Why do you fear little girl,
You only aren’t the one.”
She tilted her head to to the side,
Saw she,
Where from the voice came,
From the friend standing by her side,
Who was she, maybe herself?
“We all have a purpose in life,
Let go off all the worries,
You are God’s little angel darling,
Go and search for your purpose honey.
Or why not make your life a purpose,
A purpose for everyone to see,
That you will hear your own voice calling you,
Calling you out to be happy.
Be so happy holding onto happiness,
And a little sad letting them away,
Let them away into the sea of darkness,
Where all memoirs stay.”

You’re beautiful, the way you slay,
Called out a voice, from within somewhere,
From within her soul, the voice arises,
Which led her from darkness to light.

The light of hope, the light of realisation,
Where she realised her true self.
The worth which not everyone could see,
The worth which only her kindness held,
The worth which only held love and peace.

Why would her body,
Why would her scars,
Show her worth to those afar.
The worth only deserved,
The people she loved,
The people she would let away,
Let them flow away,
Into the sea of darkness,
Where all memoirs stay…