a poem by Pavalamani Pragasam

Space is the place where
The heavenly bodies revolve;
Cyberspace is the internet world where
The human beings evolve
Global communication techniques.
After the tom tom beat and pigeon missive,
The horseback courier, airmail and wireless
Flash now instant messages
On the monitors of home computers.

Oceans of knowledge, tons of printed treasure,
Packed in pin head spaces open to view
Without our straining a sinew!
Oh! The silicon wonder of bits and bytes!
Surf across the net and get
Latest findings and hottest news,
Tho’ authenticity of a lot is not warranted!

It’s an amazing world of fun:
Brainy teasers, hilarious cartoons,
Gambling casinos, chatting cafes,
Bizarre websites, perverse pictures
Are online pastimes round the clock.
Masked identities, dropped inhibitions,
Strange lingo, stranger etiquette,
Naughty chattings, naughtier greetings
Are marks of this virtual world.

Also, hackers with negative genius
Are up to endless mischief;
Virus, the thief prowls with stealth
To corrupt wares hard and soft;
The highway teems with cheats and freaks
Pandering to vices, abetting heinous crimes,
Leading unsuspecting prey to devastation.

It’s thrilling to be another Columbus
Sailing through unending seas
Of sites, sites and more sites.
Pride surges within at power
To command knowledge and information,
To demand service and recreation-
Too heady a menu hosted
To escape intoxication full and thorough.

And addiction seems inevitable-
Estranged from the real world,
Alienated from living creatures,
Living in self-imposed confinement,
The mouse-potatoes put on weight,
Are prone to illnesses many, the statistics say.

Communal sharing via electronic media
In lieu of physical contact-
Does it bode well for man
Basically a social animal?
Will the computer surpass and overpower
The human brain that begot it?
Posers worth contemplating-
Problems pressing for prompt solutions.