Walking a New Way

a poem by Matthew Adukanil

When I ride a vehicle I skim life in a blur
And never really know the route I take
I curse the long time, distance, the road rivals,
I lack time to stand and stare and touch.

I now disdain the cars, buses and autos
I take to my heels and spurn the wheels
Beneath the starry sky or fading lights
I stretch out my God-given feet to walk.

Shutting off the electronic world’s cacophony
Of cell phones, radios, microphones and telly
I bare my eager chest to Brother Wind
And tune my soul to nature’s beat.

The sapping routine daily noises shut off
I awaken to nature’s sounds in early morn
I sense new reservoirs welling up in me
The demons of aches and lethargy gone.

My feet take me to a ‘brave new world’,
And I unearth new treasures in me
I get a headstart for the new day
Mind set free, my feet walk a new way,
It’s a new day, it’s a new way.