Irreversible Decrees

a poem by Rajendran M

The Afghans embraced Buddhism
in the second century;
But the twenty first century
saw the idols of Buddha hit and fired at.
One who renounced kingdom to enlighten
the people about the root cause of all misery,
has been hit by Muslim zealots who
desire to see the world Islamic.
Let peace be to the souls
which worked hard to make guns and missiles.

Muslim pilgrims throw stones at a pillar,
of course an idol of the devil
on the bridge of Jamara in Mecca.
They will very soon hit it with missiles
thanks to the cult of Taliban
spreading in all the nations
under the sponsorship of Osama.

When the fortieth century dawns,
the bigots will themselves demolish the mosques.
obeying the decrees of the clerics.
The Almighty Himself reverses Winter with Summer,
The Hills with Seas the Deserts with Fertile lands.
But some clayey brains blared out that
the decisions of the Islamic Emirates
are irreversible. Unchanging nature
will lead to one’s degradation.
Pity the people engulfed in the violent waves of Islam.