World Peace and Equality

a poem by Janakiraman Ra

Countries that boast of great democracy
Don’t permit in U.N. that democracy.
As long as countries cling to Veto Power
U.N. can only be a beautiful paper power.
If a few countries want their supremacy
There can’t be world peace or Equality.

Countries vie with each other in eloquence
Float slogans and pass lovely resolutions.
Peace doesn’t come by mere resolutions;
Equality demands sacrifice and adjustments.

Those who are heaping nuclear weapons
Advise other countries against such weapons.
Those who adversely spoil world’s ecology
Do not bother about their first responsibility.
Affluent nations use all their strong muscles
To keep others as their market for profits.

Dialogues’ transformative power is slow
And selfish interests will never follow;
Dialogues must be followed by keen
And planned non-violent non-cooperation.
There is no country in the world which is
Self sufficient in everything that it needs.

Let all non-Veto nations bring sanctions
Against all the arrogant Veto nations;
Let all developing countries boycott
Selfish and indifferent developed countries;
Let eco-friendly nations unite against
Adamant spoilers of Earth’s ecology.

Perhaps what is needed is a world body / Forum
That excludes Veto powers, Super powers and
Very rich countries that harm Earth’s ecology
And remain insensitive to the global priority.