In the Love of the Nation – A Tribute to the Matyrs of Pulwama Attack)

a poem by Amrisha Tripathi

In the love of the nation…
The soldiers got martyred
Making their families and country bereaved.
Mother bereaved of her care’s vigilant
Father bereaved of his beloved descendant.
Wife bereaved of vermilion on her head
Children bereaved of love of their dad.

In the love of the nation…
Salute to that brave force
Which leave no stone unturned in their course.
Ready to sacrify life, the great soldier
Who never think about failure.
Carelessly they fight for winning
As they want us to see the next sun shining.

In the love of the nation …
Whatever may be the situation
They fight in hot, cold, rain, drought and devastation.
Serving the country, they never complain
Because they want the nation’s gain.
Never know, when and in which tragedy they are gonna walk
They always rise a hope “I’ll back home” while a family talk.