Kaleidoscopic Cosmos

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Blooms or bouquets or bunch or bare brief buttonhole,
Fresh or full-blown or nosegay or fresh posy role;
Flowers blossom in saucy slimy silkiness,
Seek them to be the same, is senile silliness…

Red-necked Tanager cannot be Mandarin duck,
Let blue-crowned pigeon be not a Cock-of-the-rock;
Why should Sloth bear resemble the Asian lion,
Blue bull and blackbuck be of their sacred scion…

Why should violate violet from the Rainbow?
Why should waters of rivers always in green flow?
Why should be a dragonfly, like a firefly glow?
Why should bright tigers, like monkeys, gloomy fur grow?

Do not say she’s fair; her hair is black, grey, golden,
Vein greenish; blood-red; heart dull or tiger-Bolden;
He is chocolate; Great! What a coco-color!
The flesh inside is whitish, yet. Marvel! Splendor…

Sands of sea-shores have so finely shining colors,
Stars have strange colors – flying like royal mullers;
Gardens, Parks, Forests, deserts, coastally global,
Each filled with colors sublime fantastic, noble…

Yes, the cosmos is a kaleidoscope. Accept!
Everyone’s a unique color in it. Respect!
Kaleidoscopic color, like Artesian, springs,
It’s in this kaleidoscope our existence swings…