a poem by Ramandeep Kaur

When amidst the dark, you seek a light,
When it’s morn you seek the night.
When against the sun we frown and into the night we lay,
Oh joy, oh joy there’s so much beauty in a day.

When a man is born he does not know,
He has to be taught, to live, to grow.
We often believe what we’ve been taught,
So blinded are we more often than not.

They follow the heard, they fear a fall,
They drown their dignity while standing tall.
Black, brown, yellow and white,
are powerful strokes on the canvas of life.

The world was never white alone,
Each a part of Nature’s storm.
When we live and let our brothers be,
We rise in strength and dignity.

Insecurity wields it’s weapon of suppression,
Negating liberty in domination.
They stoop to conquer sinfully,
The are trapped in wells of hypocrisy.

She loves him not, a coloured man,
She wears his colour, she loves the sand,
He hates his brother, for, he’s not white,
He tans all summer in sunlight.

I could be black but white inside,
or yellow, or white with a blackened hyde,
Beneath the surface, I’m just a woman,
A patch on the quilt, only human.