The Sandcastle

a poem by Rajiv

‘Twas a hot sunny afternoon
Not a hint of clouds, not a hint of shade
But in this heat sat one little boy
As he built his castles with his shovel and spade

His puny hands dug deep into the sand
He wanted to give something to his mother
‘Twas her birthday and so he thought
It had to be special, something like no other

Carefully he shaped the pointed main dome
Surrounded it with tall towers and tunnels in between
He ran to his mom, crying in sheer delight
As we all anticipated a wonderful scene

But then Mother Nature showed her cruel side
As a huge tidal wave appeared from nowhere
It smashed through the castle, as we watched in anguish
Not a trace left, the whole place was bare

The mother hugged her little boy
But this boy was not throwing in the towel
He wiped the tears off his mother’s cheek
And set out into the sunset, with his spade and shovel.