The Dogma

a poem by Lakshmi (Mumbai)

The incessant routine of praising Divine Glory,
and His myriad names,
by vast ocean of so called devotees,
paints not clearly, the picture of Divinity.

Unaccountable is the amount spent in rituals,
to please the Gods truly celestial.
But the Scriptures pronounce loudly,
“The Same Divinity is latent both in you and me.”
Then, ye fellowmen, why not feed the hungry,
and learn to share their painful agony.

“Speak not harshly so as to hurt others”,
is the essence of all the holy scriptures.
And the World at large, clothed in
cruelty, fear not to commit the sin
of hurting their own kith and kin.

“Love all, Serve all”, reiterates the beloved Lord.
Alas! The colour and caste spared not even the rod,
leaving us aliens, far far away from the God.

Thus, futile are our efforts to attain the Almighty,
When, our understanding of the Divinity is indeed empty.