Water Falls

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

The water falls and washed me clean
The rocks scrubbed me with their steam
I was free again in my thinking
I had nothing to lose in my blinking

Yes I stood there and watched as the water fell
It seemed to reach into my soul and swell
It rinsed my heart off and helps me place
The sure fired love that needed a taste

I watched the water fall and splatter
And spread like the rocks on batter
As my mind held all the water to a dribble
I wondered if I could take you to the middle

I am part of that water that falls
And being drenched makes me call
For more of the rocks of life
And less from the fall of strife

I slide down to the last drop
And I wake up on the top
To regard the waterfall as a friend
And to be blessed to see the waterfall at all truly was good for me in
The End

Dedicated to a fine young man name
Jawan Dickens You know who you are
I love you and thank you for that beautiful experience