Tips for Beauty

a poem by Smita Khadawala

There are some things that I might teach,
Beauty is a necessity and I am here to preach,
It is very simple, believe my words,
We can be beautiful, all we surds.
Start with a belief right away,
In all things beautiful, “I am here to stay.”
“Beauty lies in the eyes”- is an old-fashioned thing,
Today’s funda is to make people sing,
That “Here is the beauty-queen, thin and tall,
Cleopatra was her ancestor and she can defeat them all.”
Attitude, my friend, is the password to fame,
Flash those pearly white teeth and flutter eyelashes to all in your lane,
A crisp black dress will do just fine,
A half-empty brain, people do not mind,
Eyes should be lovely, that’s what people see,
Your I.Q. can be lower than your sweeper’s fee.
So go out there and just look beautiful,
Believe me, its much easier than securing a degree.