Mirror Image

a poem by Murty N S

In a still-water like mirror
Rolling the eyes once, rollicking with delight next,
Motionless once and effervescing with activity next,
Is your image.
In that full-length mirror
Up there… is that itinerant reflection.
Hiding from its view
And stealing glances with it… I lie.
Your gleaming rosy countenance
Is so assaying… to kiss.
And sweet melodies from your helical body flow unto me.
How fortunate is that mirror!
You enter its lifeless interior without fear
And fly with abandonment… in freedom.
My eyes get glued to you.
You are so unmindful of your radiant body treasures.
Perhaps, when you are the cynosure of all eyes,
You need pay no special attention to that aspect.
I enter the mirror… invisible
And watch your aurealian beauty from close.
I take into my hands
That dream? No. Chrysanthemum? No.
That beauteous blissful face
And passionately plant kisses on the dithering lips
And the lovely eyes.
Unable to stand the brunt of emotion
The mirror breaks
And you disappear.
I essay in search of you.

(Telugu Original: SOWBHAGYA)