Where to tell?

a poem by Ramesh T A

Were to tell about the men who feel jealous of anything and everything?
Openly jealous they speak words that sicken the hearts of others
And indulge in acts that are inhuman in nature by any standards.
Why are they behaving themselves so both in public and in private?

Desire is a common thing for all men in this world;
To fulfill one’s desire one has to think and act in life;
But if the desire itself is wrong, how can one be successful in life?

It is childish to acquire whatever one desires in one’s heart;
If one fails one becomes mad and loses one’s heart here;
Unfulfilled desire drives one to indulge in sadistic pleasure.

At first they behave neurotic but become psychotic very soon,
If they fail to check their sense and control it with reason and justice.
Blinded by madness they go about like ghosts to satisfy their desires-
Mad after money, sex and drugs with bellowing chests, burning eyes and grinding teeth;
Where to tell about such horrible sights when one comes across at the odd hours?

Jealous and suspicious, Janus never leaves the victims in joy and peace,
Once he sacrifices his soul to greediness, lust, anger, fear, ambition and deceitfulness.
The innocent victims were not let at ease until they all became ghosts like them;
And how many families had been destroyed by such ghosts! God knows.

Why don’t they desire to love beauty, truth, joy and peace?
Why don’t they love to do good and great deeds here?
Instead of indulging in lasting things they waste life in losing things;
This why they don’t understand nobody knows in the world.

If one envies others at least one may try to become so;
But if one feels jealous one simply spoils others.
Money is needed but to meet the basic needs;
Sex is a biological necessity but not the whole thing;
And drugs are needed to improve health but not to destroy it in kicks.
According to one’s capacity one has to aspire to satisfy one’s needs;
But it’s contrary to civilisation to acquire accusing or assaulting others.

This no civilised and sane person would tolerate to take place anywhere.
About the ills of jealousy well versed persons should know where to tell
And try to cure and eliminate this disease from the society altogether
Then only the individual and the social progress can really be possible.