Matrimonials Classified

a poem by Ashwin Kumar T

What with finding what I want,
In a world wide and far,
What with you telling about yourself,
In practical words, naked and stark.

Petite, homely, fair and good looking,
And other adjectives suitable for hooking,
Where can you talk about in that space,
About your mood swings, about your high school craze.

Tall, handsome ,well employed, ready for abroad,
Am I the stevedore waiting to go on board,
What am I apart from what I earn,
And wanting a maid to run my household.

If only I could find you away from all this,
I shall know how mad you are and you about my incorrigible laziness,
In such insane words let us find our lost sanity,
And walk together, step by step down the path of humanity.