Frozen Ambition

a poem by Ramesh T A

All thoughts so nebulous and useless
Full of animation over frozen ambition,
Pall of yours pale of his own verse
Pass on the days with rosy gaze.

Highly noble concept of yours regarding him
Now conflicts in his heart of his real worth.
How narrow the mind of man is!
And how vast the world of knowledge is!

Who else can check the crescendo of this narrow world,
When his mind’s been beaten up upside down;
Against his interest, his happiness, his dream;
Is it you or the Lord to give him respite?

No, no, nothing can be said about that now.
Is it against his nature to have chosen the field of letters?
Perhaps the Time is out of tune with his noble ambition.
Noble but no cold ambition will blow hot when the time comes.

Then the unprecedented thoughts of his heart,
A colourful miracle of rare choice,
In animation make his ambition shine wise;
And that time is not far off.