Jaundiced Eyes

a poem by Christuraj Alex

It’s not like children wearing color glasses,
Or like the spectacles protecting our eyes;
Jaundiced eyes are Like carnivorous glances,
Everything seems like preys in many a guise.

Isn’t each human a true image of God?
Am I to reduce or offend anyone?
Doesn’t God love even those who were a fraud?
And fulfills the needs of every frail human?

Sadducees and Pharisees with jaundiced eyes,
Thought themselves, caretakers of the Judaism;
They found Jesus was a man with no bias,
Yet, they threw on him mountains of criticism.

Though my eyes are jaundiced by my upbringing,
I have the freedom to change my perspectives;
I need to feel the goodness in me springing,
And end all disdain and intolerances.

I am given this life as a gift herein,
Using it or misusing is my judgment;
I know that the fullness of my life therein,
Will be the outcome of my true commitment…

Let me hearken to the call of the Spirit,
Lovingly embrace each brother and sister;
Look at them with eyes with no bias inbuilt;
Just like looking through the eyes of God’s glister.