Heaven Aboard

a poem by Teesha Guliana

The silence of the night,
Surrounds me like a blanket.
The twinkling of the stars,
Add to the hush.
The moon shines bright,
Bright beneath the clouds.
It’s rays penetrate through,
My curtains, which are long and loud.

I gaze over the night sky,
The beautiful sky,
Wandering by.
Beyond the earth,
Beyond the cotton fluff,
Lay innumerable galaxies,
Waiting to be heard,
Waiting to be seen.

Waiting to be explored,
Waiting for us humans,
To enter the heaven aboard.

The heaven aboard,
Which is bright and light.
The heaven aboard,
Which is day and night.
Where me and I,
Or I and me,
Will lay on the blanket,
Under the star tree.