a poem by Elavarasan M

Man is a Social Animal
Mixed character of all Animals
Animals are Ancestor of mankind
Genetic Evolution delivers man

Biosphere starts with single cell
Growing from one another
As a scientist and as a Philosopher
Unable to distinguish men and animals

Lion is the king of forest
It is hunting other Animals
When it feels hungry
Lion’s hunting is need based

Tiger is also a wild Animal
It is hunting other Animals
Eventhough not hungry
This resembles the character of mad killer.

Like a Lion
Like a Tiger
Men are varying by character
In the struggle of Survival

Some Animals lived before the age of mankind
Unable to believe Dinosaur is Lizard family
Today man finding the fossil of it
Zoology is yet to find mysteries in Animal History

Elephant is famous for its strength
Dog is the symbol of faith
Horse born for running
Machine power is measured by horsepower

Who draws the line on the Zebra?
Which weaves and wears the green velvet for parrot
Is it Nature or God?
I want to Know, I want to Know

Animals are puzzles of Nature
It is living to benefit us
Allow them to live in the forest
By growing the trees as compliment